Determining the Author’s Bias

Every writer/author has a bias when she writes.  Authors, as they investigate their topic, develop their biases. They support their topic of study or denounce their topic of study. How an authors feels about what she is writing – what she believes – this is her bias.

Authors can love something or hate it, think it is a good idea or believe what is going on is a very bad idea – thumbs up or thumbs down.

We will determine how an author attempts to persuade us with the words they choose to use.

Remember how we asked the same question 4 different ways regarding placing animals in  zoos?

a. Should we capture animals from their natural habitats and put them into cages for the rest of their lives?

b. If half of the world’s animal population is to become extinct within the next fifty years, is it a biologically sound practice to place these animals into enclosed natural settings in order to study them?

Each question has a bias and it is up to the reader to carefully determine how the author is leading them or persuading them.  Look again at questions a and b. What linguistic zingers are used that show how the author feels or believes about animals being placed into zoos?


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