The Reciprocal Teaching Rubric

8=A I am a mentor-I can teach others about reciprocal teaching.
I was able to participate in my group on my own.
I was always on task, did job flawlessly, contributed to discussion.
7=B I am an expert.
I needed a little assistance from the teacher.
I was almost always  on task, did my job pretty well, contributed to discussion.
6=C I am an apprentice. I needed assistance some of the time.
I was on task at least half of the time. I needed help with my job. I contributed somewhat to discussion.
5=D.I am a novice.
The teacher had to redirect me many times
I was on task some of the time. I  needed help with my job, I hardly contributed to discussion.
4=F I was off task and had no idea how to participate.
I did nothing or interrupted my group, took people off task by joking around.

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