Reciprocal Teaching

Each person will be assigned a role:

1. Predictor:

“Based on the (title… last chapter we read…last few pages we have just read…)I predict

2. Reader:

“I will read aloud pages___to ___.”  “As I read, underline confusing words or phrases and think of questions you’d like to ask about the text.”  “After I finish reading, we will all reread silently.”

” Now that I’ve finished reading, reread and underline confusing text, think of some questions you’d like to ask the group.”

3. Clarifying Questioner:

“Does anyone have any confusing text?”

“Who can tell us the possible meaning of this text?”

“Does anyone else have a different idea?”

“Who else has words or sentences that need clarifying?”

(Big Questions)

“Does anyone have a question about what we just read?”

4. Summarizer:

“Based on our discussion and what we just read, I can summarize the text by stating..”

“Would anyone like to add on?”

Begin Reciprocal Teaching again!


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