Readers Theater

Shakespeare, an English soldier, a baker or Zeus? Which role would you choose?  

This page contains several scripts from a variety of genres; historical fiction, fables, romantic tales, fantasy myths and fairy tales.  Read over the scripts and determine which role each of you will play. Answer the questions found on “Discussion Sheets” with your troupe. After you have completed your discussion sheet, go to Edmodo and finish the script assignment. Work in a way that you can have fun whilst remaining respectful of Ms. Kim’s guided reading groups.

Plays adapted and written by Aaron Shepard

Here are three scripts for 4 readers. Play your role and as you read this script with your troupe, determine the author’s message or theme.

1. The Christmas Truce by Aaron Shepard

2. The Baker’s Dozen by Aaron Shepard

3. Sarvitri, a Tale of Ancient India

Would you like to improve your acting skills with some Shakespeare ? Here are some  great readers’ scripts from a fantastic website.

4.  Seven reading parts of mostly men from PART one of The Tempest

5.  Seven reading parts of mostly men from part two of The Tempest

6.  Four reading parts of the witches scene from Macbeth

7.  Four reading parts from a love scene in Much Ado About Nothing

8. Four reading parts from a funny scene in The Merry Wives of Windsor

Perhaps you’d like to play a god or goddess? Here are a few scripts based on Greek myths.

9. A script for Orpheus

10.  6-8 reading parts of PART ONE of Eros and Psyche

11.  10 reading parts from PART TWO Eros and Psyche

12.   Eleven reading parts for Pandora’s Box´s-box/

13.  Six parts for the play, Echo and Narcissus

14.  Six parts for Medusa and Athena

15.  King Midas


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