Hello Super Smart Sixth Graders!

We will read an article about stroke to help us better understand what Papa was experiencing.

As you read this article, think about the way the author has organized her ideas.

What will you do today?

1. Take turns reading aloud the article.

2. Reread it silently again.

3. Highlight unknown words and confusing text.

4. Be prepared to answer some questions.



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Hello and greetings to all of my brilliant middle schoolers! Well another snow day has provided all of us the luxury of  a three day weekend.  We have lots of work to cover this week so come prepared to learn!


8th graders! Welcome back to school. You will be exploring the text structure of each paragraph in the article, “Do I Take The Oath?” 

Remember, authors often use many text structures to frame their argument. This author has a very complex argument as he had many mixed feeling about taking this oath.

What should 8th graders do today?

You should use bookmarking with your partners to make sense of each paragraph. After you and your partner have used clarifying questions, please refer to your Text Structure graphic organizer to help you determine the structure of that paragraph. This will better help you summarize that difficult paragraph.



7th Graders

Do you know someone who discovered something so absolutely incredible – and that because this thing they had discovered was so amazing, it made them want to have this new discovery so badly that it was all that they could think about? They thought over and over, asking themselves “what do I need to do to get what I want?”

You have a very difficult task today. You will be using bookmarking to get through a chapter written by Frederick Douglass. Who is Frederick Douglass??? Well, like Sarny, he was once enslaved and lived a horrible life. Unlike Sarny, Frederick was able to escape. He did all that he could to learn to read and write  He wrote his own autobiography that inspired many people to become abolitionists.

We will jigsaw this reading so you and your expert group must do your best to comprehend the paragraphs that I assign to you.


6th Graders:

Today, you will review text structures so that you can use that knowledge to help you get through an article about the brain. Your job will be to use text structure to help you summarize each section of the article. You will use bookmarking with your partners to deepen your understanding of the text and then use the text structure graph to determine the structure. You will then write a brief summary about that section of the article.


Step One: Partner A reads aloud while both partners mark up the text for confusing phrases and unknown words.

Step Two: Partner B asks clarifying questions about those confusing phrases and unknown words

Step Three: Both partners discuss possible meanings.

Step Four: Both partners identify the text structure of the paragraph and write it down on the side of the paragraph

Step Five: Partner A summarizes the text. Both partners take time to write a one sentence summary on LLP.

Change roles and repeat each step




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Elements of Fiction 2014-15

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Prohibition Begins, The Women’s Christian Temperance Union Puts Up A Fight

What was the artist attempting to convey to his/her audience? Observe this piece of art very carefully. What words can you read? What are the expressions on the faces of the those within this piece? What might have been the artist’s bias regarding the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Ohio and the men?


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The English Language Reading Room

Today’s Learning Objectives: 4-29-14

Learning Objective:  I can determine the central ideas of this poem by examining how the author organized his thoughts in this text.

A. Underlining the most important ideas of each stanza and then think- “When does this author change the topic?”

B. I can myself, “what is the topic of this section?”

C. What do these topics share in common?

D. How do these topics differ?



Why is this important?

Often times poems and articles don’t include subtitles. Stanza usually  follow one after the other.With a spoken word poem of this length, it will be important to determine how the author organized his thoughts so we can figure out the central ideas by asking ourselves, what topic is he addressing?

Today’s Text Dependent Questions:

Text Dependent Questions:

a. What are the topic on page 1?

b. What is the topic on page 2?

c. What is the topic on page 3?

d. How does the tone of the poem change on pages 4 and 5?

e. How are the sections similar?

f. How do they differ?

g. Determine the main characters of this poem?

h. Determine the supporting characters of this poem

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