Welcome my middle school POETS,

I am moved! The first round of your poems are truly incredible.  I look forward to reading your second and third drafts. Before sending your poetry to me, please remember to title each poem as such:


first name_last name_homeroom_grade_#draft_poem’s title_poem

I hope you take time to read my two drafts and make comments. I am in need of feedback during this time of revision.

Here is a poem written by one of our very own!  This poet turned it into a “Spoken Word” script!

5 part Spoken Word poem

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

All (1-5 everyone reads at once)

(all)  Keep on going no matter what
(1) Dedication
(all) It took dedication

(2) I never thought I’d make it
(all) But I did
(3) I never thought I was capable

(4) Of making my dreams come true
(all) But I was
(4)  I never thought accomplishing my goal
(3)  could feel this honorable
(all) But it does
(1)  I never put my head down
(all) Never
(2) I never turned away from this
(all) Never
(3) I never threw my dreams away
(all) Never
(4) I never gave up
(all) Nor should you
(5)  You only have this moment-make sure it counts
(all) Keep on going no matter what


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