The Setting: Reciprocal Teaching Protocol

Reciprocal Teaching : The Setting


Step 1

Prediction a. Who can share a prediction based on what we just read? b. Who else can share their prediction?

Step 2

ReaderOnce all of you have read the pages you agreed upon-then move on to rereading silently. a. We will read pages ____ to ____ out loud. Each person must read a paragraph or two. We will all take turns reading.b. As  the readers read, circle any unknown words or confusing text.c. When we are finished reading out loud, we will reread these pages silently.d. Now that we have read, please read silently. Underline any key ideas and circle any unknown words or confusing phrases.

Step 3

Clarifying Questions a. Does anyone have any unknown words or confusing phrases?b. Can anyone guess what this means?

c. Does anyone have any other ideas about what the meaning of this word or phrase?


3 A

Questions about the setting:Look at how the setting influences our character. a. This week we are focusing on how the setting influences or shapes our character.

b. With your partners discuss the questions written below. Be prepared to share out.
c. How would you describe the atmosphere or mood created by the setting? Is it gloomy? Cheerful? Mysterious? Threatening? What evidence do you have to support your claim?

D. How does the setting influence or shape the main character?

Step Four

Summarize the text. a. Can someone summarize what we just read?b. Would anyone like to add on?c. One of the most important ideas from this text is…

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