Welcome all 6th Graders: Monday, February 9th, 2015

What will 6th graders do today?

Copy down your homework

Copy down your new schedule

Read chapter 6 in The Smell of Old Lady Perfume

Play a fun game!

6th graders: Here is today’s homework:

Read Chapter 7 and be prepared for a quiz on Wednesday.

Answer these questions after you have read chapter 7.

1. What had finally changed on the 7th day?

2. What had Apa whispered to Chela that Tuesday?

3.  What was Apa planning to do with Chela at the end of chapter 7

4. What had Apa refused to do?

7th and 8th Graders! Hello!

What will all of you do today?

Copy down homework

Copy down schedule

Finish today’s class assignment in Google Docs.

You must open Google Docs, copy and share today’s readings and begin to work on today’s assignments. You will be practicing reading, highlighting tough words and rereading the text to answer the questions.

All questions must be typed in red and you must answer the questions using complete sentences. Read closely and you will find all of the evidence and answers within the text!

Here is 7th and 8th grade homework for Monday, February 9th, 2015 due Tuesday:

Read Scholastic Scope Magazine (2-2015) pages 4-9.

Answer these questions:

1. Why did Booker chose to attend the Hampton Institute?

2. What line from the text on page six, tells us that Booker was once a slave?

3 .What is the main topic of page 6? What is this page mostly about?

4.  What is the name of the law that freed enslaved Americans?


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