Top 55 Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words Exam

7th Grade  (R. 

Prefixes   Meaning   Examples 

1. a-/an-     not, without   amoral

2. be-     to cause, become  beside, behave

3. mid-     middle   midsize, midterm, midtown

4. post-     after, later   postpone, posttest, postscript

5. semi-     partly, half   semicircle, semiannual

6. super-     over, more than  supernatural, supervise


Suffixes     Meaning   Examples 

7. -ant/-ent    one who   servant, immigrant, assistant, resident 

8. -ess     one who (female)  waitress, princess, hostess, actress 

9. -ism     doctrine of, principle of capitalism, socialism, communism, patriotism 

10. -ist     one who practices  biologist, communist, capitalist, dentist 

Roots*     Meaning   Examples 

11. aero (L)    air    aerobics, aerodynamics, aeronautics 

12. aqua (L)    water   aquarium, aquatic, aqueous, aquifer

13. biblio (G)         book    bibliography, bibliophile, Bible

14. bio (G)     life    biology, biography, biosphere, biochemistry

15. chron (G)    time    chronological, synchronize, chronic, chronicle

16. dem (G)     people   democracy, demography, endemic, epidemic 

17. geo (G)    earth    geography, geometry, geology

18. graph (G)    write    photograph, autograph, biography, graphite

19. hemi (G)    half    hemisphere

20. meter (G)    measure   thermometer, centimeter, diameter, barometer

21. micro (G)    small    microscope, microcomputer, microprocessor

22. migr (L)    change, move  migrate, immigrant, migratory

23. mim (L)    same   mimic, mime, pantomime, mimeograph

24. mort (L)    death   mortician, mortuary, mortal, immortal, mortify 

25. phon (G)    sound   phonograph, symphony, telephone, microphone

26. photo (G)    light    photograph, telephoto, photosynthesis, photogenic

27. scrib/script (L)  write    inscribe, describe, prescribe, script, transcript

28. tele (G)     distant, from afar  telephone, telegram, telekinesis

29. test (L)     to witness or affirm  testimony, testament, testify

High School Level Roots*  Meaning  Examples 

30. anthrop (G) man   anthropology, philanthropist, misanthrope

31. belli (L) war   antebellum, belligerent, rebellion

32. brev (L) short   brevity, breve, abbreviation

33. cred (L) believe   credible, credit, discredit, credential, credulous, incredible 

34. culpa (L) fault, blame  culpable, culprit

35. derm (G) skin   dermis, dermatitis, dermatology

36. duc/duct (L) lead   conduct, educate, induct, aquaduct

37. ego (L) I   ego, egocentric, egoism, egotism

38. fac (L)  make, do  factory, manufacture, facsimile, benefactor

39. jud/jur/jus (L) law   judge, judicial, jury, jurisdiction, justice, justify

40. luc/lum (L) light   lucid, translucent, illuminate, luminous, elucidate

41. mega (G) great, large  megabyte, megaphone, megalopolis, megalomania 

42. ocu (L) eye   oculist, binocular, monocular

43. ortho (G) straight, right  orthodontist, orthodox, orthopedist, orthography 

44. poly (G) much, many  polygamy, polygon, polygraph, polynomial, polyglot 

45. rect (L) straight  erect, rectangle, rectify, direction, correct

46. the/theo (G) god   theology, theocracy, theologian

47. urb (L)  city   urban, suburb, urbane, suburban

48. vac (L)  empty   vacant, vacuum, evacuate, vacate

49. vir (L)  worth, manliness viril, virtue, virtuoso, virtuous

*(L) = Latin, (G) = Greek

 *(L) = Latin, (G) = Greek 

8th Grade  (R. 

Prefixes  Meaning  Examples 

50. ab-  away from  abstract, absent

51. im-  not   improper, immobile

52. in-  not   inoperable, indecent

53. inter-  between, among international, intersect 

54. mal-  bad   maladjusted, malevolent

55. uni-  one, single  unicycle, uniform, unilateral

Primary source: The Reading Teacher’s Book of List, 5th Ed. (Jossey-Bass 2006)



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