Common Latin Roots

List One: Common Latin Roots:

As you read, look for these common Latin roots and create a list of words that  contain these 10 roots. Remember to include the page number and paragraph number on the Roots Chart.

  1. ambi=both (ambiguous, ambidextrous)
  2. aqua=water (aquarium, aquamarine)
  3. aud=to hear (audience, audition)
  4. bene=good (benevolent, benefactor)
  5. cent=one hundred (century, percent)
  6. circum=around (circumference, circumstance)
  7. contr/counter=against (contradict, counterargument)
  8. dict=to say (dictation, dictator)
  9. fac=so do; to make (factory, manufacture)
  10. duc/duct=to lead (conduct, induce)

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