May 2nd, 2013 Civil War

Copy and paste these questions into NOTES.

  1. What is the main topic of this article?
  2. What is the author’s purpose? Why did the author write this text?
  3. Why did the presidential election of 1860 trigger southern states to declare secession? (Paragraph 2)
  4. Why did Nationalists refuse to recognize this secession?
  5. According to paragraph 3, was it slavery that caused disunion? Why or why not?
  6. In paragraph 4, it states the South was dominated by what system?
  7. According to paragraph 4, how did the North differ from the South?
  8. Why did many politicians make compromises when it came to slavery?
  9. Northerners believed slavery was a national evil. What else did they believe about the Southern plantation owners?
  10. How is this text organized? What is the structure of this text? Explain your answer.

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