ALL Guided Reading Group

March and April Reading Assignments for Electoral College:

  1. Electoral College from How Stuff Works website
  2. Electoral College Article from the Huffington Post,
  3. Electoral College Article from Wikipedia website:
  4. Electoral College Article from NARA website:

March and April Reading Assignments for the Prohibition Era 

1. Roots of Prohibition at PBS website, Prohibition: Home | PBS

2.1920s Prohibition at the website: 1920’s Prohibition

March and April Reading Assignments for Women’s Suffrage

  1. Article about women winning the right to vote Women’s Suffrage from Wikipedia website:
  2. Article Battle for Suffrage from the PBS website:
  3. Article How Native Americans Influences the Women’s Suffrage Movement from the website:

March and April Readings regarding the 13th Amendment (XIII)

  1. Timeline from the website, Time for Kids :
  2. Article, The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States from Wiki Kids website;
  3. Article, The American Civil War from Simple Wiki website:
  4. Article, Fredrick Douglas from the website;
  5. Speech Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln, at the website:

January and February Reading Assignments for all Guided Reading Groups: Please read this myth before or after attending your guided reading group!

Hi Students! So all of you have read about Ms. Persephone. What theme does this myth represent to all of us? What does Persephone symbolize? What life lesson are we to learn from this ancient tale about love and family?

Why would a company name itself after this Queen of the Underworld?


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