Guided Reading Groups 2013-2014

Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales

While reading these myths, think about the elements of plot. Keep these questions in mind as you read:

a. What is the setting?

b. Who are the characters?

c. What conflicts arise?

4. Where does the most exciting, terrifying or dismal part of the story occur?

5. Where does the character learn the most difficult lesson or transform?

6. How does this story end?

7. What is the theme of this story?

Identify the introduction, rising action, climax, turning point, falling action and the conclusion of each myth.

Determine the theme of each myth.

Great Greek Myths

1.    Midas


2.  The Boy Who Flew Too High


3.  Helen of Troy


4. Narcissus


5.  Pandora’s Box


6.  Echo




8.  Demeter


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