Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 Action and Linking Verbs

Which sentences contain linking verbs? Which sentences contain action verbs? Discuss these sentences with your group.

a. There are holes in my sock!

b. Martha and I ran to school.

c. The pizza looks delicious.

d. Ms. Kim looked at the painting.

e. Ms. Molly painted a picture of birds.


1. Head your writer’s notebook with this title, Linking and Action Verbs

2. With your partner, determine the difference between linking verbs (to be) and action verbs. Come to a consensus.

3. Write a brief description of the differences between both the linking verbs and action verbs in your writer’s notebook.

4. With your partner, take two minutes to brainstorm as many examples of linking verbs and action verbs.

5. Create a t-chart below your description and on the left side, list the action verbs.

6. On the right side of the t-chart, you must list the linking verbs

7. Switch notebooks and read your partner’s list. Suggest any adjustments necessary.

8. Determine the point of view of this list of directions and include an explanation (first, second or third person point of view)


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